Behind-the-Scenes: Early Cover Designs

I decided to take you behind-the-scenes, so to speak, and share some of the early cover designs for “Aftermath: A Saga Begins”.


Original Rough Draft Cover

Original Hand-Drawn Rough Draft
by F. Kenneth Taylor


This first cover design is the original, hand-drawn sketch I drew, and emailed to long-time friend and Graphic Artist, Brian Hawkins, of King Yella Studios, who ultimately designed the current cover.  Little did I know at the time; the current cover was his rough draft!  Getting close to finishing the book, being satisfied with his work, and still not having a cover yet; I jumped the gun, and used the cover before he could finish it. So technically, the current cover of the book; is an incomplete rough draft!  Go figure!  Kinda interesting how these things turn out, huh!?






Cover Design 1

Internet Cover Design
by Unknown Concept Artist

Before creating my hand-drawn sketch, and contacting Brian, I googled and browsed pictures of spaceships, space, and starfighters for hours before I came across this concept artist‘s designed that somewhat aligned with how I wanted the cover to look.  Other than the fact I had decided to contact Brian; copyright issues kept me from using this design, and I felt that it was still missing ‘something’.  But, I did use it on the “Aftermath: A Saga Begins” Facebook Page; that way if there’s any issues, I can easily remove it.






Graphic Design by K.G. Bethlehem (WP Blog)


This is one of a series of designs created by another long-time friend, and WP blogger, K.G. Bethlehem (, I’m sure you’ve heard me mention him before.  I liked what he was trying to do here, but just felt it was too dark, and the images and colors weren’t blending too well.  Still new to graphic designing, and working with limited software; K.G. went to back to the drawing board several times for me.  Thanks K.G.!









Current Cover Design
by Brian Hawkins
King Yella Studios




Finally, this is the current cover of the book, and Brian’s rough draft, lol! Again, I chose this one as the cover because I was pleased with the ‘look’, but I was also in a rush to get the book completed and published. I know had I been a little more patient, Brian could’ve done a lot more with it, so this one is a lesson learned for me! Thanks B! I appreciate it!






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